Coronavirus resources

Horizon NJ Health is continually searching for community resources that can help you get the assistance you need during this time of uncertainty. These resources are available and can help with food, housing and more.

How NJ FamilyCare is helping New Jerseyans

Coronavirus resources for low-income households

Information about the CARES Act and resources available:

Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities for individuals recently laid off:

Tech Resources

Housing resources

If you are facing a housing crisis, please contact 1-800-NJHouse (1-800-654-6873 TTY 711).

Food resources

Emergency child care services

Emergency child care for workers who are deemed “essential”:

Emergency assistance for DDD members

Partnership for Maternal & Child Health of Northern New Jersey

Information about community programs and public resources for women and children:

Utility assistance

Visit or call 2-1-1.