5 tips to get the most from your plan

We work hard to offer you exceptional programs, care management and member services that go beyond other MLTSS plans. To get the most from your Horizon NJ Health plan:

1. Build a relationship with your PCP.

The right care starts with your PCP. Your PCP should:

  • Listen carefully to your health concerns

  • Help you get access to a specialist

  • Explain things in a clear and understandable way

  • Talk to you about any medications you are taking

If you need to change your PCP for any reason, please call Member Services at 1-844-444-4410 (TTY 711).

2. Let your personal Care Manager help you coordinate all of your health care needs.

Our Care Management team can help you understand your benefits and coordinate the care you need.

You’ll get a Plan of Care with health goals that are right for you – with support along the way so you can reach them. Your Care Manager will help connect your doctors and pharmacists and even assist with prior authorizations (pre-approvals) for any services you need. To reach a Care Manager, call 1-844-444-4410 (TTY 711), weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

3. Schedule preventive care visits and health screenings.

We will send you reminders for preventive care, like your annual wellness visit and flu shot. When you get the reminders, make sure to schedule an appointment with your PCP or other provider. Staying up to date on your vaccines and preventive care can save your life.

4. Get appointments with your doctor quickly and easily.

Your time is valuable. If you’re on time for your appointment, you should not have to wait too long to see your doctor. Things to remember:

  • When making your appointment, ask to be the first one seen that day.

  • Call us if you need help getting an appointment with a specialist.

  • Ask your doctor’s office to let you know if they are running late.

5. Access your benefits with our online tools.

Sign in to our secure member web portal at horizonNJhealth.com to:

  • View your covered benefits

  • Enroll in a Disease Management program

  • Request a new member ID card

  • Change your PCP

Your voice matters.

You may get a survey in the mail asking about your experience with your health plan. Please complete this survey to let us know what we’re doing well – and help us understand what we can do better.