Your annual wellness exam: a key part of staying healthy

We make appointments to see our doctor for many different reasons.

While some of us only go to the doctor when we are sick, your Primary Care Provider (PCP) can actually offer much more. One way to achieve good health is to have an annual wellness exam. Your PCP can address any concerns before they become serious issues down the road.

If you haven’t seen your PCP for a wellness exam in the past year, now is the time to get that visit on your calendar.

During your visit, talk to your PCP about:

  • Your blood pressure

  • Preventive screenings you may need, such

  • as breast cancer, colorectal cancer and

  • diabetes

  • Medications (over-the-counter and

  • prescriptions) you are taking

  • Health concerns or questions you have

  • Vaccines you may need

There are no copays for annual wellness exams – they are part of your covered benefits.

4 reasons to schedule your annual wellness exam today:

  1. Prevent health problems. Annual wellness exams allow your doctor to review any changes that have occurred over the last year. Together, you can identify risk factors that could lead to future health problems.

  2. Strengthen the relationship between you and your doctor. People who get along with their doctors are more likely to go see them, be honest with them and listen to their advice.

  3. Update vaccines. Staying up to date on vaccines is an important way to prevent diseases.

  4. Review medicines. Your doctor will go over all of the medicines you are taking, including over-the-counter medicine. This will help identify issues such as side effects or drug interactions.