Members and Bills

The only time you should get a bill from a Provider is when you have:

  • Been treated for a service not covered by Horizon NJ Health or not followed Horizon NJ Health’s rules
  • Sought care from a non-participating provider without an authorization (when needed) from Horizon NJ Health
  • Received a service not covered by Medicaid or the NJ FamilyCare Program and were told prior to the service that it was not covered and that you would be responsible for the bill
  • Not paid your NJ FamilyCare copay (if you have one) when services were delivered

In these cases, you will be responsible to pay your copay, or pay the cost of the service and must make payment arrangements directly with the provider.

In all other cases, you should not get bills for any covered medical services.

If you do receive a bill for any covered medical service it is important that you call us to help solve the problem. Do not ignore a bill, even if you think it is a mistake.

Call Horizon NJ Health’s Member Services toll free at 1-800-682-9090 (TTY 711) about the bill.

Member Services may ask you to send the bill to:

Horizon NJ Health
Attention: Member Bills
PO Box 24077
Newark, NJ 07101-0406