MLTSS Bed Type Revenue Codes

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Dear Provider,

Horizon NJ Health is sending you a reminder about the correct bed type and revenue codes you
should be billing for the Managed Long Term Services and Supports (MLTSS) program as well
as non-MLTSS services provided in a nursing facility or day program.

Please use the grid below as a guide when billing nursing facility claims to Horizon NJ Health.
The room types you cite on your daily logs will correspond to an appropriate revenue code for
billing purposes. By following this guide it will help reduce the number of denials you receive on
your claims submissions.

Bed/Room Type Description Revenue Codes
NH MLTSS Nursing Home 0100, 0119, 0129, 0139, 0149, 0159, 0169 with

bill type 21X
OS MLTSS SCNF 0100, 0119, 0129, 0139, 0149, 0159, 0169 with

bill type 65X or 66X
R7 Respite Care 0663
MN Non-MLTSS Nursing


SK Rehab Day - Skilled 0191
RS Rehab Day ? Sub


RN Rehab Day ? Complex 0193
RV Rehab Day - Ventilator 0199

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Lori Jackson at You can also find useful information and tools on


Theodore Pantaleo
Director, Network Contracting and Strategy