LabCorp introduces RoadNet®

Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp), the exclusive laboratory services provider for our managed care plans and the only one of our participating PPO clinical laboratory services providers with a national scope, has partnered with UPS Logistics Technology® to implement a courier and transportation service enhanced tracking system called RoadNet®. This world-class logistics tool includes Global Positioning System (GPS) capabilities that allow LabCorp’s distribution and logistical professionals to track vehicle and courier movement to provide even more reliable, accurate and timely specimen pick-ups.

In the past, LabCorp Service Representatives would have to log in pick-up and delivery times by hand. This information would then have to be manually entered into a database for tracking. RoadNet’s suite of integrated software applications automates this process, enabling LabCorp’s Service Representatives to electronically relay pick-up and delivery information immediately to a central server using handheld mobile devices equipped with scanners. LabCorp pick-up and delivery times are verifiable and monitored electronically to ensure quality and accuracy.

The implementation of this enhanced tracking system is ongoing. By spring of this year, client lockboxes will also be included in the bar-coded tracking system.