LabCorp Connectivity Solutions

LabCorp offers a variety of electronic connectivity solutions to assist provider offices with test ordering and result delivery. LabCorp has the flexibility to mix and match connectivity solutions to provide efficient and effective communication between LabCorp and the provider’s office.


eLabcorp is a secure, Web-based solution for test ordering and result retrieval. With numerous management and tracking features, eLabCorp is designed to work seamlessly with existing office workflow.

The online test ordering capability allows orders to be entered electronically in the provider’s office, saving resources and streamlining the order entry process. Electronic result reports are easy to read and accessible from anywhere a high-speed Internet connection and standard Web browser are available.

eLabCorp integrates with many practice management systems (PMS) for easy retrieval of patient demographics, eliminating the need for reentry of information. This feature saves time and helps reduce clerical errors.

eLabCorp offers

  • Simple online ordering
  • On-demand result printing
  • Order management and tracking
  • Alternate lab request forms (for insurances that must be sent to another lab)
  • Medical necessity checking


e-Results is a Web-based application that allows clients to view their preliminary patient result information as well as access final patient reports quickly, efficiently, and securely through the internet.

e-Results offers

  • Quick and easy access to patient result information online
  • Minimal equipment requirements
  • Convenience
  • Online security features
  • Savings in valuable office time
  • User-friendly Results Inquiry option
  • Efficient Report option

LabCorp Communications Manager (LCM)

LCM is a Windows-based product that automates test ordering and information retrieval. This user-friendly software package directly links the provider’s office to LabCorp laboratories, allowing clients to create test request forms, retrieve laboratory results, and manage patient test records.

LCM offers

  • Quick and efficient test ordering
  • Greatly simplified access to laboratory information
  • Automated result retrieval, storage, viewing and reporting
  • Cumulative reporting of patient results

Clinical Integration Solutions

LabCorp integrates with numerous electronic medical record systems and practice managements systems (PMS). In many instances, LabCorp can install a bridge to automate the transfer of your current patient demographic information. Through this bridge, LabCorp and your system can efficiently exchange clinical test order and result information.

LabCorp also offers result delivery using teleprinters and fax technologies.

For more information on all of LabCorp’s connectivity solutions along with a demo of the eLabCorp product, please go to to the Provider Home and choosethe Connectivity option. To determine which product will work best for your practice, please contact your LabCorp representative at 1-800-631-5250.