Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp)

Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) is the exclusive laboratory services provider¹ for the Horizon NJ Health managed health care plan.

LabCorp offers online appointment scheduling to your patients for laboratory testing at all of its Patient Service Centers (PSCs).

LabCorp Provider Resources

LabCorp offers numerous tools and services to help doing business easier, allowing you to focus on providing patients the care they deserve.

LabCorp Connectivity Solutions

  • LabCorp Link eServices includes access to ABN OnDemand, AccuDraw, Client Bill Center, Test Change Notification.
  • LabCorp Link Ordering and Results allows access to test ordering and result reporting capabilities.

Clinical Integration Solutions

  • Integrates with numerous electronic medical record systems and practice managements systems (PMS).
  • A bridge may be installed to automate the transfer of your current patient demographic information so that LabCorp and your system can efficiently exchange clinical test order and result information.
  • You can call a LabCorp representative at 1-800-631-5250 for more information.

LabCorp Patient Resources

LabCorp helps make it easier for your patients to get the testing services they need and offers a number of online or mobile tools to make that possible.

LabCorp Patient™

  • Available on mobile and desktop devices.
  • Free account gives your patients the ability to receive lab test results, view and pay electronic bill online, manage their profile, and more.
  • LabCorp can give you materials to distribute to your patients.

Available to US residents only. Availability of lab test results is subject to applicable state laws.

LabCorp PreCheck™ and LabCorp Express™

  • LabCorp PreCheck offers your patients the ability to enter personal information by taking photos of their driver’s license and insurance card, receive appointment reminders and confirmations via email or text message.
  • LabCorp Express station (where available) provides a faster check-in experience at LabCorp PSCs, allowing your patients to scan a driver’s license or state-issued ID card to capture personal information.

¹ Pathology services provided in a hospital setting to members enrolled in Horizon NJ Health’s Medicaid and FIDE SNP plans by a practice that participates in the network serving that membership are allowed as an exception to the above-described LabCorp exclusivity.