Reminder: You need to register for the 21st Century Cures Act!

To remain in the Horizon NJ Health network providers are required to submit a completed 21st Century Cures Act application to DXC Technology.

Providers who choose to serve only Medicaid MCO beneficiaries are referred to as 21st Century Cures registered or ROPA (referring, ordering, prescribing or attending) providers in the NJ FamilyCare Fee-For-Service (FFS) program. You only have to complete this application once.

Providers under contract with multiple Managed Care Organizations (MCO) only need to submit one application.

How to register for 21st Century Cures Act
To download a 21st Century Cures Act application, go to, select Provider Enrollment Applications and then select 21st Century Cures Act Application as the Provider Type.

21st Century Cures Act registered providers:

  • Are not eligible to receive NJ FamilyCare FFS payments
  • Are not required to provide services to NJ FamilyCare FFS beneficiaries
  • Will not be listed in the NJ FamilyCare FFS Provider Directory and will not be assigned a FFS Medicaid ID number

Enroll in NJ FamilyCare FFS
If you are eligible to serve FFS beneficiaries and would like to enroll, you must complete a full NJ FamilyCare FFS enrollment application. This application can be found at under Provider Enrollment Application. Please note there are some provider types that are not eligible to enroll in FFS Medicaid.

How to submit completed applications and credentials:

  • Mail:
    DXC Technology Provider Enrollment Unit
    P.O. Box 4804
    Trenton, NJ 08650
  • Fax: 1-609-584-1192

If you have any additional questions regarding how or why you were identified as a provider who needs to enroll in the NJ FamilyCare Program, please contact the NJMMIS provider enrollment unit at 1-609-588-6036.

Compliance is mandatory. Failure to comply may result in termination from the Horizon NJ Health network.

Published on: September 7, 2020, 08:15 AM ET
Last updated on: September 8, 2020, 03:41 AM ET