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Managed Long-Term Services & Supports (MLTSS)

What is a Care Plan?
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Your personalized Care Plan outlines what services and supports you need to help you.

You, your Care Manager and your Care Management team (including your caregiver and doctor) create your individualized plan. It includes unmet needs, personal goals, risk factors, and backup plans.

The Care Plan describes the services you get from Horizon NJ Health. The goal is to help you get and stay as healthy as you can be to keep your independence and stay in your community.

You, your Care Manager and your Care Management team will review your Care Plan as your needs change and update it at least every year to make sure you get the services you need.

Once you and/or your authorized representative agree to and sign the Care Plan, you will get a copy within 30 days. Services – except for residential modification and vehicle modification – will be provided to you within 30 calendar days of your enrollment.

You must state if you agree or disagree with the following statements:

  • I agree with the Care Plan and back-up plan
  • I had the freedom to choose the services in the Care Plan and back-up plan
  • I had the freedom to choose the providers of my services based on available providers
  • I helped develop this Care Plan and back-up plan
  • I understand and accept that a back-up plan will be initiated as stated in my Care Plan
  • I am aware of my rights and responsibilities as a member of this program
  • I am aware that the services outlined in this Care Plan are not guaranteed
  • I have been told about potential risk factors outlined in this Care Plan
  • I understand and accept these potential risk factors

If you disagree with any of these statements, your Care Manager will note that on the Care Plan before you sign it. You must review and sign off on any changes to your plan.

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