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NJ FamilyCare

How Much Does It Cost?
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Finally, quality coverage is within every child's reach. There are little or no monthly premiums or co-payments.

Type Premium Copayments
NJ FamilyCare A No premium No copayments
NJ FamilyCare ABP No premium No copayments
NJ FamilyCare B No premium No copayments
NJ FamilyCare C No premium for children $1 - $10
NJ FamilyCare D $43.00 to $144.50 per month, per family $5 - $35

If you have access to employer-sponsored health coverage for your children, you may be eligible for the Premium Support Program. This can help you by paying for part of the monthly premium for coverage from your employer. For more information about the Premium Support Program, call our Outreach Center toll free at 1-800-637-2997.

Other Plans

Medicaid Managed Care

When you have major health issues or disabilities, the last thing you want to worry about is your health insurance. What you need is a partner who will help you get the care you need. As the leading Medicaid Managed Health plan, Horizon NJ Health is that partner.

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Managed Long-Term Services & Supports (MLTSS)

Horizon NJ Health’s MLTSS program is designed for those who need help at home but are not ready to go into a nursing home. The MLTSS program provides home and community-based support services that go beyond standard Medicaid benefits. These services promote independence, dignity and choice and can help members grow older safely in the comfort and familiarity of their homes and communities.

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