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Measles Vaccine Offers Critical Protection

Posted By Admin on February 13, 2015
Tags: measles

It’s not too late to get a flu shot!

Posted By Admin on January 07, 2015
Tags: flu shot

24/7 Maternity Nurse Hotline for Mom’s GEMS Prenatal Program

Posted By Admin on November 17, 2014
Tags: GEMS, pregnancy

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? Protect yourself and your family from getting sick.

Posted By Admin on November 04, 2014

It’s flu season, and getting a flu shot is the best prevention against getting or spreading the flu. Horizon NJ Health’s Care-A-Vans will be at select community events to provide flu shots at no cost to members 19 years and older.

Enterovirus (EV) – What It Is and How To Deal With It

Posted By Horizon NJ Health on September 30, 2014
Tags: Enterovirus, EV

People in New Jersey are starting to suffer the effects of a respiratory virus known as Enterovirus, or EV. EV are common viruses; about 10‐15 million EV infections occur in this country every year. Most people who have EV have no symptoms or only mild symptoms, but some infections can be serious. Some mild symptoms are runny nose, sneezing, cough, body and muscle aches, and sometimes fever. Severe symptoms include problems with breathing, as well as worsening asthma symptoms.

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