We Are Your Community Health Plan

Horizon NJ Health participates in more than 300 community events and health fairs each year. We go throughout NJ to all 21 counties.

Community Spotlight Horizon NJ Health is proud to work with many local community organizations to help keep our members and the people of New Jersey healthy and well. We’ve featured just a few of the groups dedicated to serving New Jersey’s underserved in our Community Spotlight. Read on to learn about the great things these organizations are doing throughout the state.

On Call

We know that getting and staying healthy isn't always easy. It takes support, motivation and the right information. The articles in this section can help. Written by Horizon NJ Health's medical directors, these articles cover health and wellness topics important to our members. Our medical team offers advice on managing disease, suggestions about healthy living, and resources to help you reach your goals. Together with guidance from your doctor, these articles can keep you on the right track to becoming healthier and happier.

Team NJ Our team of health representatives, we call them “Team NJ”, works with many community and faith-based organizations. We also work with many schools and school nurses to help keep our children healthy and safe.

Care-A-Vans and “NJ”

We have several mobile health units called Care-A-Vans. Our Community Health Nurses are on the Care-A-Vans, providing health screenings and education in your neighborhood.

Another important member of our team is “NJ”, our team mascot. “NJ” loves to dance with kids of all ages. He has a unique way in teaching kids to eat right, exercise and live healthy.

Dancing For Your Health®

Our Dancing For Your Health® program is nationally recognized for its efforts to encourage people of all ages to eat right and use dance as an easy, fun and no-cost form of exercise.

Health Education

Horizon NJ Health’s team of Health Educators offers various programs and presentations designed to improve health outcomes. Topics include asthma, diabetes, nutrition and child obesity, cancer screenings and prevention, dental health, lead poisoning prevention and more.

Do you want to know if you are at risk for skin cancer? Horizon NJ Health has several skin analysis machines that we use to show people the importance of protecting themselves from the sun. Please always use sunscreen on yourself and your family.